Toddler Book Shopping Experience Made Simple!

Endlessly searching the internet or even calling book stores to ask about whether your book is in stock, orders that take forever to get to you, and when it finally gets delivered, its not written in the language of your preference! Frustrating right?

Here I am referring specifically to toddler’s books. It’s such a challenge to lay one’s hand on a toddler friendly vernacular book.

I cannot imagine the amount of frustration parents or even school teachers go through in their search for the age appropriate books for the little ones.

Well, the good news is that some very cool fellows, @Ethnikids_Co have came up with a tailor made way that allows you to get your toddler book shopping experience fast, convenient, and hassle free.

@Ethnikids_Co is a subscription-based book ordering company that seeks to affirm children of colour by exposing them to positive images of protagonists they can relate to.

I got so excited when I first learnt of these guys. Where have they been all this time!

Look, for a quarterly fee of R500, you get 3 to 4 ‘MadeForMe’ box of books for your child aged between 0-11 years old.

Even more exciting, they offer books in all South African official languages.

Check them out here

Well done @Ethnikids_Co!

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